Sartorially Speaking

The most frequently asked question I’m asked is “where do you find your inspiration?” The answer, though nuanced, is I’m most inspired by the men in my life. I believe fashion is a tool of expression, one that can be used to tell yourself and the world who you are and even who you want to be. Their personal sense of style intrigues me as I can see elements of their personality through their selections and pairings.

I recently had the pleasure of helping a friend style his looks for a trip to Paris, a place he’d not been before but one I called home briefly in my 20s. Going through his incredible wardrobe was a blast - we curated looks with intention & developed a small list of items to acquire. In little to know time, he felt empowered, assured, and found it fun to breath new life into his own clothes. “It was important for me to feel I was appropriately dressed for the occasion while remaining true to myself”.

JT is a creative professional (master stylist for Dominic Michael) who always looks great. He has a “cool-without-pretense” vibe that affords him a bit of range and latitude. He says, “i want to look good for myself, not for anyone else”. His style is both classic and progressive all while maintaining an sense of ease and comfort.

JT shows us seamlessly his on-point style, why he’s an inspiration, & how his Paulie Gibson gear works to his advantage.

Follow him at @jt.hancock on instagram.